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Tech achievements through learning, working and playing. Together. And this is the heart of the matter.

Learning together

We take great pride in tackling the new & challenging. After all, technology does spell innovation. Don’t be surprised if you often see us in small clusters around a desk. We share knowledge and support each other.


Working together

Idea, set, go! That is to say, we bounce ideas off each other. Because one bad idea leads to three good ones. This is how things run around here. When at work, no day is complete without a blitz brainstorming session.


Playing together

Whether it be ping-pong or just your regular joke tossed around on coffee break, playtime is not optional. It’s what breathes life into our technology. It’s the heart of the matter.

A few opinions

"I'm part of a team of awesome people with a lot of IT experience. It really is something to come to work with pleasure, in a warm atmosphere, where there's a new and exciting challenge every day."
Delia Baciu Team leader .NET Development - 2005
"If you're at the start of your career, EXE offers you a place where you can gain solid programming experience, especially Web and database. If you're already versed in IT, EXE offers you the possibility to take part in and even run software projects where experience and creativity can be brought out."
Răzvan Udrea Software Development Manager - 2001
"At EXE I found a young team, colleagues who are more than happy to help you and explain new things, and a pleasant atmosphere. EXE is a company focused on results."
Diana Ștefan Junior Developer - 2015