• esAgent

    Mobile software application for sales force automation and support (SFA).


  • Greater customer satisfaction by reducing the time of response to their requests
  • Reducing the order processing costs by automating the information transfer between the headquarters and the sales force and by eliminating the errors in retrieving and sending orders and returns
  • Increasing time for demanding business activities through the automation of routine tasks.
  • Reducing the market release time of the promotions and special offers for each customer category
  • Increasing the awareness of the sales force regarding the product portfolio and the situation of each person in the client portfolio.



  • Orders / returns transfer, product sheet, sales reports
  • Customer sheet, orders & returns history, customer allocation to representatives
  • Management of promotions / special offers by customer and by customer categories
  • Automatic interconnection to the ERP of the company
  • Data export/import
  • Automatic mechanism for remote management

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