• esFields

    Management solution for field teams

    Automated field data collection

    Configurable routes through GPS feature

  • esReports

    Integrated solution for reports’ configuration

    BI features for data analysis

    Dynamic and interactive reports

  • Gamification & Leaderboard

    Collaboration between team members, regardless their location

    Users’ rankings and performance based rewarding system

  • Hosting in Cloud

    Advanced technologies that ensure data security,
    for any storage option

  • User friendly

    User friendly interface, both online and offline

Organize and share your company’s data across all teams and channels


  • Improve field data collection and reporting process

    EXE Software has created esFields, a complex data collection solution, to offer an automated alternative to repetitive tasks performed by field teams, but also to provide managers with a better overview and evaluation of their teams’ activity, in real time.

  • Transform data into intelligent business decisions

    esFields is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) application, whose utility can be spread in many areas, thus offering support in merchandising, marketing or service and employee evaluation.

    Managers can have easy access to each agent’s activities, opportunities or sales, regardless their location, even without internet connection. This enables them to have a holistic view on planned vs. realized objectives, through reports and analysis based on categories, products, clients, geographic areas and so on.

  •   Sales Force Automation

    esFields automates sales processes and gives you instant access to field activity

  •   Merchandising

    Sharing data in real time, between field teams and sales or marketing representatives

  •   Team Management

    Better collaboration and communication between teams and clear overview of field teams’ activity

  •   Automated Data Collection

    Historical data storage and analysis; creating niche sales and marketing campaigns

Technical Features

Offline data collection

Use esFields even when you are offline: the information gathered will be safely stored and then synced, the moment you reconnect to the internet.

Configurable forms (on demand)

esFields is a fully customizable solution, offering users the possibility to configure and even build new forms from scratch.

Barcode scanning

With the app installed on your device, you can scan barcodes and the information gathered will be transformed into accurate data.

Cloud or on premises storage

You can choose if you want to have the information stored in your data center or in cloud – esFields ensures security either way.

Data integration

You can integrate esFields with the ERP solution you are already using, for an overview of your business resources and processes.

Gamification – Leaderboard

The app generates a users’ ranking, facilitating the creation of performance based analysis and rewarding system, plus the chat feature that enables teams to collaborate efficiently.

Configurable routes

Using esFields, you can design the routes of your employees and thus always be aware of their location in the field.

Data entry verification

After migrating the data, the solution checks for accuracy to determine if it has been correctly transferred from its initial source.

GPS and time stamps

Each user’s location is tracked and monitored through the GPS feature, to provide a complete overview of your employees’ activity.

Configurable reports

esReports, an application integrated with esFields, enables users to create and/or adjust reporting forms according to their needs.



esFields can be adapted to suit the department and needs of any user, due to the possibility to customize and even build new forms and reports.

sales exesoftware esfields
  • Better planning of sales activities and daily tasks of the entire team;

  • Monitoring sales routes, which can be predefined and planned for each field agent;

  • Optimizing sales processes: through real time information access, sales department members can make the right decisions at the right time, thus reaching their objectives easier;

  • Reducing sales cycle timeline through easy access to information related to clients and products, stocks and prices, but also through efficient communication with central teams.

marketing exesoftware esfields
  • Monitoring promo and other marketing campaigns, for better management of ongoing activities of the department;

  • Adjusting marketing strategy according to clients’ needs, through real time access to accurate information about their buying habits;

  • Easy integration of marketing processes, by sharing information between field teams and sales or marketing representatives;

  • esFields is a tool for trade marketing strategies, facilitating the administration of shelf promotions and other merchandising activities.

operational exesoftware esfields
  • Reducing operational costs and ensuring accurate data collection, through a complex automated system;

  • Efficient route configuration and diligent planning of field agents’ activity, due to the GPS feature;

  • Removing printed forms, because any type of field data, regardless of file format (audio, video, image or text), is automatically collected and centralized;

  • Integration and automatization with other systems used in your company, thus eliminating the data transfer, planning and management process.

hr exesoftware esfields
  • Improving employee evaluation system, by collecting information through customized tests and surveys;

  • Fast data collection, due to forms and reports that are customized according each user’s needs and wants;

  • Integration with Travel & Expense systems ensures flexibility and accuracy in declaring employees’ expenses;

  • Efficient administration of staff files, since the process of transfer and centralization is done automatically.

cercetare exesoftware esfields
  • Flexibility in the market research process, because you can create and customize forms according to specific requirements;

  • Efficient administration of work flow, ensured by real time access to information related to research status, for a clear evaluation of planned vs. realized objectives;

  • Field employees’ motivation, through the Gamification feature, which generates rankings and helps build a performance based rewarding system;

  • Removing manual data entry, because centralizing responses and managing and interpreting information is done automatically, the results being available through customizable reports.


starts at 13,5 Euro* user/month


Automate repetitive tasks performed by field teams

  • Data collection and security
    offline and online, regardless of location or storage option
  • Customization and configuration
    forms, reports, analysis, routes
  • Integration with client’s current systems
  • Advanced reports and tools for business administration
  • Image, video and audio files integration
  • Available on Android
starts at 15 Euro* user/month


Communicate efficiently and improve employees’ performance

  • Basic Edition features


  • Document sharing
    centralization and reporting
  • Chat feature
    for a streamlined communication between teams
  • Field reporting
    interactive map for all users
starts at 17,5 Euro* user/month


Explore data and make intelligent decisions

  • Standard Edition features


  • Gamification/Leaderboard
    users’ ranking that enables performance based rewarding
  • Dynamic and interactive reports
    BI features, for data analysis and interpretation
  • Advanced customization
    adapted to client’s business needs

*The license period starts from 6 months



Starting with 4000 Euro
Application, forms and reports customization, according to client’s business needs


Starting with 450 Euro
Specialized training and informative materials for users and administrators


Starting with 512 Euro
16 hours of technical support, maintenance and forms or reports adjusting, on demand


Additional development, according to client’s business

Ask for more details

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