• esReports

    Software solution that helps you create all the cases, analyses, forecasts, reports and graphic representations you need and publish them on the dedicated website of your company.

Statements, reports, analyses, forecasts and graphics at your fingertips, quick and safe


It has become common for companies to integrate information systems with the purpose of optimising internal activities. These systems not only smoothen business processes, but also store in their databases impressive volumes of business information – a gold mine for your company, often remaining underused.

esReports is the software solution that helps you create all the cases, analyses, forecasts, reports and graphic representations you need and publish them on the dedicated website of your company, so they can be made use of by all those interested (people in your company or in your partner companies, customers or suppliers).

Any industry, any department

Regardless of your field of activity, esReports connects to your databases, quickly extracts information, processes and presents it to you and your colleagues in each department, in an accessible and easy to interpret format.

Any report available to everyone

Configuring reports is now made easy, as it no longer requires advanced computer skills, and publishing reports on the dedicated website of your company is accomplished through a simple click. Access to these reports is secure and sensitive information is available only to authorised people.

Any report in any format

All reports are at your disposal. You can consult the esReports interface or website, change the format, filter the information presented and, finally, export the result in a popular format such as Excel, PDF or HTML.

Any report from any data source

esReports can connect simultaneously to a variety of data sources and thus have a centralised system for analysis and reporting even if your company operates with multiple systems which are not connected in any other way.


  • Increase the efficiency of internal activities through greater control of the time and cost of each task or project
  • Improve and optimise production
  • Improve logistics and supply
  • Improve sales force activities by providing reports and statistics to assess its effectiveness
  • Increase sales thanks to the possibility to make quick decisions for directing and adjusting offers, promotions, marketing campaigns or sales force, based on specific information, updated daily
  • Reduce losses by quickly identifying problems and inefficient sales channels
  • Optimise costs with suppliers by providing situations and evaluations of price, quality or delivery times offered by them


  • Module for configuration, adjustment and publication of reports, statistics and analysis
  • Graphical presentation of data, reported in various shapes and colours
  • Dedicated website for access and consultation of reports, statistics, graphics
  • Ability to create customised reports for personal use only (My Reports)
  • Reporting and analysis functionality for exporting data in Excel, PDF or HTML
  • Data integration/import from existing systems in the company
  • Connection to the majority of the most popular database management systems.

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