• esVisits

    Application for tracking and controlling the daily activities performed by both internal and external sales force.


  • Increasing sales through improved control of daily sales activities
  • Increasing the number of customers by controlling and directing the sales force activities towards the potential customers
  • Increasing the level of competence and the motivation of the sales force by adding simple and effective means of evaluating the results of daily activities
  • Reducing the indirect costs of the sales force by providing an economic way of communication
  • Increasing the speed of response to market development by obtaining information in a structured form, from both existing and potential customers
  • Greater customer satisfaction by controlling and coordinating the sales visits.



  • Interface for registering the daily activities performed by the sales force
  • Structures the activities by type (visits, administrative activities etc.)
  • Groups the sales force by division / product category
  • Questionnaires for obtaining information directly from customers
  • Specific reports
  • Secure access via Internet to the functionalities of the application
  • Integration with the existing management systems.

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