• Smart Efficient

    Collaborative software application that integrates and optimises all activities of the organisation.

Collaborative software application that integrates and optimises all activities of the organisation. Smart Efficient ensures effective control of resources, deadlines, revenue and costs for each project. It optimises information flows and provides secure access to the centralised document management system.


For General Managers

Increased productivity and profits through efficient use of company resources. Greater customer satisfaction through quality services and quick reaction to customer requests.
Reduced costs through total control of internal and external expenses.

For Financial Managers

Reduced billing operating time through a standardised invoicing workflow.
Effective control of costs by access to Actual vs. Budget reports and by alerts in case of budget overrun.

For Account Managers

Greater customer satisfaction by reducing the time of response to customer requests.
Improved customer relations by tracking deadlines and resources allocated to projects.
A smoother negotiation process by access to a history of collaborations with each client.

For Resource Planners

Improved planning of production, according to customer orders and the availability of internal and external resources.
Optimised production by tracking and controlling internal activities.
Improved and on-time decision-making based on up-to-date information provided by the system.

For Production Managers

Optimised production by tracking and controlling internal activities and supplier deliveries.
Improved quality of products and services through centralised management of customer orders, project deadlines and supplier delivery dates.

For Team Members

Better communication with other members of the project development team.
Reduction of time for routine activities and of total working time through quick access to any document and information on the project.
Optimised production time by tracking deadlines efficiently.

For IT Support

Improved IT services through state of the art technologies.
Greater user satisfaction by eliminating double operating data and manual transfers of data between different system components.
Reduced time spent on investigating and solving software issues that may occur.



  • Standard workflow for advertising agencies
  • Timesheet management
  • Data base containing an array of information including clients, suppliers, finances etc.
  • Complex module of analyses and reports based on the information stored in the data base.
  • Complex invoicing module with automatic validation of data input
  • Daily work tasks module with automatic notifications
  • Predefined document templates with auto-complete functionalities.

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