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TM1 Planning Solutions

Planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis

IBM Cognos TM1, or TM1 for short, is a software solution that integrates business planning, performance measurement and operational data to enable companies to optimise business effectiveness.

TM1 models developed by EXE Software

TM1 models developed and supported by us provide business users with the possibility to perform in-depth reviews of actual data, generate forecasts, create multiple data scenarios and variance analyses. Various adjustments options are tightly integrated with Excel. The models can cover different business areas including financial planning and analysis, sales market performance and profitability analysis.

Personalised TM1 models for any Business

We work very closely with our clients to develop the proper TM1 model design to support their business objectives. By using a TM1 model designed according to your business needs, you can create strategies & plans, determine and take corrective actions at all levels across the company, in real time. We can define models that enable your company to:

  • evaluate business performance
  • model scenarios
  • link strategies to budgets
  • automate financial consolidation
  • report and analyse live data
  • monitor progress against strategy.

Our expertise covers business data analysis, cubes & dimensions design, rules coding, TI processes development, Excel templates development for both data entry and reporting.

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Business Intelligence

When performance is mandatory, accuracy is not optional.

The measure of success rests on crucial decisions. Business figures form the knowledge base of a company and provide the possibility of invaluable insights in strategic decision making. By clever use of business figures, the BI solution tackles this decisional minefield with craft and style.
Indicators like KPIs and variance, measurable values such as sales values or income, and trends are sorted and displayed in a dashboard, to serve as the knowledge asset within the immediate reach of the upper management.
The outcome is an informed view of the company from any standpoint, be it an overview of the past, an assessment of the present reflected in an achievements vs target analysis, or a glance into the future.


In terms of technical functionalities, our BI solutions encompass:

  • ETL (comprising data consolidation, aggregation, integration from different sources)
  • data visualising
  • reports authoring

Our BI solutions have helped companies attain their aim of significant business growth and they have done so in an array of industrial areas including:

  • finance
  • sales
  • distribution
  • IT services
  • aftersales service
  • inventory management
  • logistics
  • merchandising

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