Analyzing the demand for IT specialists in Romania

The education system is not doing enough

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With the country now open to Europe and the global market, there has been an increase in demand for IT specialists in Romania. This leads, directly, to both challenges and opportunities.

Recruiting in the Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) industry starts by establishing the gap that needs to be filled: 12,000 specialists, but the education system only produces around 10,300 potential employees. EXE Software, a company specializing in full cycle software development, is presenting an analysis of the gap between demand and supply. Regarding recruiting channels, in 2016, the company has covered 33% of its needs via LinkedIn, while 20% came from employee recommendations.

The remainder was split between selecting candidates from dedicated recruiting platforms, internal job promotions or professional evolution within the company. Typically, recruiters are looking for competencies such as collaboration, adaptability, interest in diverse projects and creativity.

A great advantage of the IT&C industry is that the employees can choose the way of working that suits them best, due to flexible schedules. Thus, those working on the EXE Software team, depending on its particular activities, can have different working hours. For those who collaborate with clients from the US or Canada, the normal schedule means spending the second part of the day at work, then after a one-hour break, completing their working day at home. Besides giving employees flexibility, this also shows openness to external markets. The company also allows and encourages employees to attend specialized classes and courses to perfect their skills and obtain certifications.

Romania has more than 110,000 IT professionals working in IT&C. It is a rich source for international companies looking for programmers.

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