Let’s grow together in 2019!

First and foremost, thank you for considering EXE Software as a potential partner!

Great things are about to happen in 2019, as this year will definitely bring new development opportunities for us all, especially since technology is more and more offering.


New technologies

DevOps, Azure Cognitive Services

3,56 mil euro

5,5% grown in turnover 2018

89 employees

10% growth in 2018

Global coverage

26 countries on 5 continents

During the past year, through our Web, Mobile and Business Intelligence development and support services, we have been working on great projects, we updated numerous existing software applications and we continued to offer support and maintenance to our customers.

We celebrated 17-year partnerships with some of our clients, partnerships that we will continue this year and the years to come.

For us, 2018 was a year where we experienced, grew and learned. We managed to restructure one of our greatest products, esFields, defining dedicated instances for various business areas: esInsights (merchandising), esAgent (sales) and esVisits (distribution and logistics). We also updated Smart Efficient, a fresh alternative to existing ERPs, dedicated to services.

Besides that, a milestone in EXE Software’s development was achieved in 2018: we became Microsoft Gold Partner.  We now have Dev Ops certification and we are ready to provide more performing solutions and services in the upcoming year.

For the upcoming period, we believe that technology will be more and more relevant for our daily activities and, more importantly, for how we grow our businesses. We are ready to meet new challenges and transform ideas into successful projects, but we can only do this together.

For us, another year means another journey to success and we would be honored to have you as partner!