Do you need custom software for HR management?

Human Resources is probably one of the most laborious areas of a business. HR managers need to analyze data and understand in depth the activity of their employees, to know how efficient they are in doing their job, and have a clear image of employees’ profile because this ensures successful recruitment. There is also a lot of paperwork and confidential documents to deal with, so data security is very important.

Besides that, all the operational tasks and daily activities make it even harder for HR people to cope with the great workload. For this reason, if your HR department is dealing with that much information, using dedicated software is a must, because it will improve substantially all dedicated processes.

There are many advantages of using an HR management tool, especially if you opt for a custom solution that is tailored by an experienced development team, instead of an off-the-shelf product. An app that suits the particular needs of your business will allow you to work with the most relevant indicators that can help you understand what really happens in your team. After all, the main goal of HR management software is to help managers attract and retain the most valuable people, who can make the business grow.

When is the right time to invest in an HR management app?

Nowadays, HR management systems are being used in companies of different scales, regardless of their field of activity. Automation is an important step for any business, and it is important to choose wisely when it comes to the needs you want it to solve for you. So when is to the right time to consider getting a custom HR solution? Here are some indicators that show that you could do much better in your business if you chose to automate certain tasks or activities:
The company is growing and so is the team. For companies with a small number of employees, it is way easier for HR people to keep track of all the activities taking place and the processes in the company. But once the business grows, the workforce will outgrow HR capabilities, so certain operations need to be automated.

There is too much information to deal with. Managing great amounts of data can be really challenging, and the task will only worsen if you stick to the paper-based type of storage. Reduce the risk of errors in centralizing, analysis and reporting information, using specialized software.

You waste too much time with certain processes/activities. When certain tasks become so laborious that HR people cannot do their core job anymore, they clearly need to implement new tools and systems. The software will take over repetitive tasks, thus saving time, which can be better spent on strategic initiatives.
However, remember that the success of implementing an HR management tool is determined by its capabilities, which is why you need to make sure the solution will bring value to your business and offer an answer to your most stringent needs.

What are the key features of HR software?

Using the right HR management system can be crucial for your business.
If you are new to this and you have never used a software solution for HR before, know that certain features are mandatory for an efficient HR app.

Customization of user roles. The HR department is often dealing with confidential information, not only about the people in the company but also about candidates. Therefore, if you are to implement an HR solution for your business, then you want to make sure it provides different access for different users: admins, team managers, team members, etc. This way, each individual can only access the information that is relevant to them, thus ensuring a high level of privacy.

Notifications and reminders. You probably spend a lot of time juggling between strategic responsibilities and daily tasks, while also keeping in mind the big picture and trying to remember all sorts of deadlines. Leaves, salaries, working hours, and other key dates – all these must be constantly tracked, so that the workflow of the company can continue seamlessly, without any bottleneck. Through automated reminders and notifications, you will make sure no task is overlooked and eliminate the risk of human errors. The software can send automatic email alerts to inform the appropriate employees about leave days, the validity of documents, project deadlines and others.

Attendance and leaves management. The app should track employee work hours, deliver attendance sheets and streamline the leaves approval flow. In addition, it must offer team leaders an overview of their team members’ leave days situation and allow employees can check their available leave days, at any time.

Hiring and Performance Management. HR software should help you manage hiring and performance review. With the right app, it will be easy for you to track the information that goes into the hiring process, from candidate profile to job descriptions, level of seniority, number of applications and many other relevant details. Custom software may even allow you to build incentive programs and motivational schemes.

Why custom software is better than off-the-shelf products

Custom software, regardless of which business area it addresses, is the solution for your company, simply because it answers the particular needs of your company. If you choose to buy a ready-to-use product, you will notice that it is too general and has limited functionality, because it has been designed for different types of businesses.

A custom solution will be more beneficial because its capabilities are tailored according to your specific requests. This means your team will work more efficiently and you will maximize results. Besides, if additional features or updates are required, you can always get in touch with your developer and they can implement the necessary changes. All in all, a custom enterprise app is what will keep you ahead of the curve and make the difference between your company and your competitors.