EXE Software and Team BMR, a unique partnership

In 2019, EXE Software becomes the official sponsor of Team BMR.

This marks the beginning of a partnership that may seem odd, at least at first glance. However, the collaboration between the two teams is far from being a casual one, because IT and motorcycling have many things in common.

The idea of a partnership became a fact the moment when EXE Software team has realized, after a detailed analysis, that the company’s values are similar to those of Team BMR, a team that has great international expectations.


Reaching a high level of performance, in order to build solutions that accelerate partners’ businesses, is the main idea that guides EXE Software’s activity. In a sport such as motor racing, accelerating definitely means performance.

Exceeding limits

The highest standards of quality are only achieved when you are willing to go the extra mile. This is the main value that EXE Software, as same as Team BMR, is implementing in day-to-day activities.

Team work

At EXE Software, we believe that great objectives can only be achieved as a result of a team effort. Team BMR has the same belief, because each member, from the people who compete to pit crew, contributes to performing results.


Whether we are talking about delivering a software product or ranking on the highest stages of the podium after a sports competition, attention to detail and quality have a great importance. In a motorsport competition, every detail and every adjustment plays a crucial role. At EXE Software, we also know that everything has to be perfect, so that we can respect quality standards.


Not only in software development, but also in motorsport, performance cannot be improved without taking risks. However, in both fields, we are talking about a “controlled risk”. Each stage of the competition and each detail are thoroughly evaluated, so that, in the end, the result is a positive one.

Passion and enthusiasm

When striving for the best results in your field of activity, passion and enthusiasm are mandatory in daily activities. These two are definitely present both at EXE Software and Team BMR.

Sorin Cosmescu

CEO at EXE Software

We are glad that we have established this partnership, especially since we have many common values with Team BMR. Besides passion and enthusiasm, we both think that exceeding the limits is a mandatory thing if we want to become better and better!