DDM uses EXE Software’s HR app to streamline internal processes

28/08/20197 Minutes

Company Presentation

DDM is a specialist acquirer and manager of performing and non-performing secured loans (NPL), with focus on Southern, Central and Eastern Europe (SCEE), in countries such as Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania or Hungary. The company was founded in 2007 and during its first five years of activity it managed to acquire 50 portfolios, becoming a trusted investor in portfolios and distressed assets.

At the moment, having 12 years of experience of investments and debt collection in the region, DDM is a large network of debt collection agencies across Europe, offering a cost efficient, lower risk, highly flexible and scalable business model for unsecured consumer loans coupled with in house corporate & SME secured work out platforms in certain markets.

Executive Summary

DDM is an investor and manager of assets, and does not perform debt collection activities but outsources this function to a multiple of local agencies. Since the beginning of its activity, DDM has had a strong focus on investments and management of distressed asset portfolios. The company has proven deal execution with about 90 portfolios in eleven markets and is continuously striving for operational excellence

With the company accelerated growth came naturally the growth of the team and DDM started to encounter difficulties regarding the Human Resources processes.  As an example, the management had no proper solution to support the approval process for holiday requests, which lead to various issues, among which no overview of the number of the remaining or used days of leave, for each employee. This also resulted in un-needed administrative work for line managers.

The project

EXE Software was already using an app similar to the one DDM needed, so they immediately answered positively to starting a new project. The existing solution was built in-house and had been designed to answer the needs of EXE’s HR department. During the first stages of the collaboration, the software provider presented their application, so that representatives from DDM could understand the existing functionalities. After that, a team made of an IT Project Manager, an IT Specialist and an HR Specialist prepared the specifications for additional functionality.

EXE Software implemented the requirements in about one month, and the user acceptance test took two more weeks. After deployment, other features were also added to the app: automated notifications sent to administrator for pending requests and calculation of remaining leave days on a specific date.

The collaboration

Given the context, DDM needed a new solution that would have become a benefit for all employees, offering both team managers and team members clear up to date, information regarding their holidays and other types of leaves.

EXE Software was already a software development partner for DDM and the collaboration was successful, so when it came to implementing a new application, they were definitely the first option and the choice came quite easily. Actually, EXE was already using an HR solution developed in-house, which partially answered DDM’s needs. After finding out all the requirements, the developer was willing to customize the software and provide quick implementation. The first project the two companies carried out took place in 2014, when DDM was in search for a software development service provider. One of their IT Specialists had worked with EXE in the past, and recommended the firm as a reliable and successful partner. In recent years, DDM sought support for an application that would streamline certain HR processes, especially leave days situation.

The solution and its results

At the moment, all employees from DDM are using the solution developed by EXE Software, and they are divided into three roles: Administrator, Manager and User. The app was very well received by everyone and the feedback was positive, since the tool is easy to access, user friendly and time-saving for managers. Besides that, it provides a good overview of the employees’ presence at the office.

The solution brought in by EXE Software was beneficial for everyone at DDM. It streamlined the approval workflow for different types of leaves (rest, medical, business trips, home office, compensation etc) and could be integrated with Outlook, thus consolidating supervision of employees’ presence in one calendar compiling information from various sources. Besides that, the HR database included in the application is the master source of employees’ data used in other internal tools. Given the positive impact the software has had, DDM is considering using several other modules covering different HR areas.


What our customers say

The DDM IT was very satisfied with the implementation of the HR Management application. The EXE team was very professional from the beginning, the project was done in due date and they responded very quickly with ironing out the details in the UAT. We did a couple of add-ons since the project was launched and the applications works perfectly within our IT environment.

DDM Holding

IT Team from DDM Holding

The HR application is easy to manage and provides a good overview of employees’ vacation and other absences from work. It meets our requirements: simple to use for the employees, quick overview and approval process for the management and complete functionality for the HR department.

Fredrik Olsson

CFO at DDM Holding