L’Oreal is using esFields for field data collection and reporting

12/09/20184 Minutes

Company Presentation

With a history of over 100 years, L’Oréal is a world leader in the beauty industry. The company is present in more than 140 countries, on five continents. For over 20 years, L’Oréal Romania has been a distinct entity that aims to provide its customers with highly qualitative cosmetic products. At the moment, the company has a portfolio consisting in 18 international brands, which are divided in 4 distinct divisions, distributed throughout the country with the help of more than 250 employees.

Executive Summary

Before using esFields, L’Oréal Romania faced challenges in ensuring the transparency of field sales operations and correlating them with internal activities. Besides that, each employee’s activity had to be supervised, including details such as program attendance, timekeeping, check-in, check-out, location and many others. By tracking this information, the company could make sure field teams are respecting their duties and could also keep employees motivated, by showing statistics on their own activities.


  • Visualizing transactions in points of sale, product stocks and sales value
  • Supervising sales and timetable, in real time
  • Collecting and centralizing field data automatically
  • Monitoring promo campaigns and managing sales reports
  • Tracking client interaction

Solutions and results

The collaboration between EXE Software and L’Oréal Romania started in 2002, and in 2017 it was renewed with the esFields project. Activating in a very dynamic industry, L’Oréal Romania needed a customizable solution, to collect efficiently information from each point of sale and build reports that are easy to adjust, access and understand. In addition to this, since market changes happen frequently, the response time for new tasks, procedure changes and data storage has to be minimal.

Exe Software team has been very collaborative and flexible, understanding the business needs of L’Oréal and translating them into an application that is complex yet easy to use. The solution esFields has been adapted to match the company’s requests and at the moment, the reports generated by the software are used by the entire company, in many business areas: marketing (to correlate field data with the actual situation), training (through evaluations of activity quality), key accounts (sales evolution in real time) etc.
By using the solution offered by EXE Software, L’Oréal Romania has managed to reach a percentage of more than 90% accuracy for field data – the faults occurring being caused by human errors, as expected. The collaboration between the two companies is happening without any communication issue, respecting deadlines and following a well-established, efficient way of working.


What our customers say

EsFields surprised us at the right time on our journey to success. And we did it! Since the beginning of the collaboration, there was a symbiosis created between L’Oréal’s needs and EXE Software’s know-how! I believe that we are part of the same team and we pursue the same goal of performance, the message is clear and that helps us evolve. We test, learn, explore new strategies and enjoy results.

Ionela Mandrescu

Trade Marketing at L’Oréal România