Rail Cargo Group – easy access to complex information and competitive reports, using esFields

26/07/20184 Minutes

Company Presentation

Rail Cargo Group is one of the market leaders of rail freight transport in Romania. In this domain, each industry and each client has specific logistical requirements. For this reason, Rail Cargo Group provides its partners with customized rail solutions, making sure all the goods are safely transported, while also paying close attention to the environment. The company operates both inside Romania and in the area between the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Rail Cargo’s portfolio includes a wide range of logistic services for dangerous goods, general merchandise and bulk cargo, combined with rail and road transport, plus customer-specific solutions such as pre- and post-organizing.

The challenge

In the rail freight transport industry, an essential aspect is the collection, transmission and processing of the information in the roadmaps in the shortest possible time. For Rail Cargo, this was a daily challenge, as these info sheets were filled by mechanics on paper forms, brought to the headquarters and then subsequently processed by an operator. Thus, the time of response in case of special situations was very high and the problems encountered during transport operations could not be solved effectively.
At the headquarters, another challenge faced by Rail Cargo was supervising employees’ activity. To cover operational needs in a shorter, more transparent and objective way, the mechanics’ allocation had to be done automatically.


  • Automating field data collection and transmission processes (replacing the roadmaps);
  • Centralizing information and improving response time in case of special situations;
  • Supervising and organizing field employees;
  • Real-time management of locomotive technical indicators.

Solutions and results

Through specific customizations, esFields facilitates not only field activity, but also management tasks developed at the headquarters.
Operating in an industry where the requirements are diverse and specific, Rail Cargo needed a customized solution with fast deployment. EXE Software has proved to be the right choice as far as professionalism and quality are concerned, but also in terms of project management. Thus, both teams have carried out several activities, so that the solution esFileds is perfectly functional and responds to the specific needs of Rail Cargo.

Configurable Map

To supervise and monitor field employees’ response time

Configurable solution

So that the data registered in roadmaps can be collected regardless of location, even with poor or no internet connection

Special interface

Both for employees and for management, created to localize trains and supervise technical indicators, in real time


What our customers say

Not only did we manage to gather information from our teams much faster, but we also have reports and analysis that give us a competitive advantage, by improving the time of response and decision making. I am very pleased that we have managed to find a solution that helps us use all the resources more efficiently.

Ovidiu Vizante

Director General at Rail Cargo Group<

In our industry, making intelligent use of resources and information means a lot. I strongly recommend EXE Software team and esFields, the SFA we are using.

Cătălin Dobre

Traction & Locomotives Maintenance Manager at Rail Cargo Group