The Bucharest Stock Exchange launched the “Made in Romania” platform by EXE Software

16/09/20226 Minutes

Company Presentation

The Bucharest Stock Exchange is the main stock exchange operator operating in Romania. BVB was established in 1995, after almost 50 years of suspension under the communist regime, continuing the tradition of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which started its activity on December 1, 1882.

Today, the BVB is building a competitive market in Central and Eastern Europe, providing financing opportunities for companies seeking to attract investment from the Romanian capital market. Lately, the BVB has seen an increase in capital inflows from institutional and retail investors, both Romanian and international.

The BVB’s mission is to transform the local capital market into an active financing tool for the Romanian economy, and the objective is to build one of the best performing capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe by creating attractive opportunities for companies and investors in a dynamic and transparent environment.

Executive Summary

In 2017, the BVB launched the “Made in Romania” programme, dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs, and after three editions, the digitization need was growing.

Therefore, the development of a platform dedicated to the “Made in Romania” programme, by EXE Software, was the solution that would solve several problems – such as keeping in touch with entrepreneurs in the “Made in Romania” community or connecting entrepreneurs with investors and consultants.

The media content made available by consultants through the platform supports companies in implementing best practices and preparing the business for the next level of development.

The collaboration

As a recommended partner of Microsoft Romania, EXE Software was the natural choice as a strategic component in the “Made in Romania” programme. Discussions followed, during which the functionalities of the platform were analysed and the development took place in several implementation stages, after these functionalities had been carefully tested by all parties involved: EXE Software as the platform developer, BVB as the beneficiary, but also by the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The solution and its results

The “Made in Romania” platform,, has gone through several stages of implementation and, almost two years after its launch, is still developing, thanks to many ideas and functionalities that have emerged along the way. The plan for implementation was set with strict deadlines, respected by the development team.

Communication was impeccable and proactive – people from the EXE Software team came up with recommendations to the benefit of the end user. An important role was played by the analyst’s proactivity, which prevented possible changes later on.

The “Made in Romania” programme has a rigorous timetable, with several stages: the company nomination stage, the semi-finalist company selection stage, the public voting stage, the selection of finalist companies and their awards, the mentoring programme and the launch of the “Made in Romania” book. The platform allows registration of three types of accounts: company, consultant or investor. Therefore, an entrepreneur can find on the “Made in Romania” platform both the consultant and the investor according to the company’s need and level of development.

The digitization of the “Made in Romania” programme, along with the development of the platform, has helped to shape the “Made in Romania” community – there are currently almost 600 active accounts on the platform, out of over 900 registered in all three categories: companies, consultants or investors.

BVB users have reacted positively to the platform built by EXE Software, finding it necessary, intuitive and user friendly in its functionalities. The platform’s chat allows for discussions to be initiated between entrepreneurs and consultants or between entrepreneurs and investors, which was a functionality appreciated by users.


What our customers say

The “Made in Romania” platform,, came at the right time, developed in the pandemic year 2020 and launched in 2021 with the 6th edition of “Made in Romania”. Besides EXE Software we developed and implemented “Made in Romania” exactly the way we needed it.

The result was well received by the community and brought multiple benefits. Mainly, it contributes to positioning of the Bucharest Stock Exchange as the main financing channel for Romanian entrepreneurs and, on the other hand, it increases the “Made in Romania” community, made up of companies, consultants and investors. Also, this version of the platform is not the final one. We plan further development with new functionalities, aimed at supporting Romanian entrepreneurs.

Bucharest Stock Exchange – BVB

Team Management from BVB