EXE Software – 16 years of experience and partnerships on five continents

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The IT industry in Romania is continually growing. Sorin Cosmescu, CEO of EXE Software, a company with over 16 years of experience in developing software ranging from customized development to outsourcing and tech solutions, told us about the company’s day-to-day challenges.

The company was launched 16 years ago with the intention of building its own software solutions. However, clients had very different needs, so EXE Software had to shift towards custom development and outsourcing, while also developing its own products. The company now employs 80 people and is still growing.

“Over the years, we have adapted to our clients’ needs and to new technologies,” said Cosmescu. “We have been collaborating with some customers for more than ten years. We have rich expertise in custom development, but we also offer outsourcing services. We also have our own products. In the past, the demand for Cloud solutions has been increasing a lot, so we no longer offer products based on a license, but rather as a platform. Besides that, we support the solutions our clients use, without them making huge investments.”

Web apps and Cloud solutions

“When we first started, we wanted to create our own products,” explained Cosmescu. “However, the market had different demands, such as custom development and outsourcing, so we followed that path. Nevertheless, we never gave up our wish to build our own products.”

“We have a main solution – a mobile app dedicated to data collection. It can be used in various fields, from railway transportation to cosmetic companies, merchandising, or sales force automation,” the CEO added.

“Our main activity involves web applications. We work with large companies, multinationals. We develop web solutions dedicated to business, CRM, document management, workforce automation. There is a great demand in terms of mobile apps, so we are trying to keep up with that.”

Growth on all continents

A large part of EXE Software’s turnover comes from Western Europe, 14% comes from North America and Canada, and the rest is divided between other areas: Africa, South America, and Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia).

How did the company manage to establish a presence on so many continents? “We had the chance to work with multinationals,” Cosmescu explained.  “We had great results in Romania, and they promoted us to their headquarters, so we managed to get recommendations for subsidiaries in many countries. We even have an app that is currently used in Japan. The Asian market is quite interesting. In terms of apps, it is not very different. In terms of contracting and negotiations, however, you have to be very diligent in order to meet their expectations.”

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