EXE Software established a precedent in December, when the company signed with Societatea Națională a Apelor Minerale (SNAM) for the implementation of its prized application esFields. What makes this veritable milestone all the more exciting is that SNAM is the single and most important state owned company of its profile.

SNAM is the national state owned company responsible for the administration and exploitation of the country’s mineral springs and the supplier of carefully lab tested mineral water for the most important bottled mineral water brands in Romania.

The installation of esFields marks a first in the company’s lifetime, as SNAM carried out their activities using paper forms. esFields came to the aid of field operators assigned to record the biological and physico-chemical parameters of the springs, by simply replacing paper forms with digital ones. All parameters are now organised in simple forms readily available on mobile. Also, as soon as they are collected, the parameters can be transmitted to the company’s headquarters and lab centre, where they may be submitted to analysis at any time, using the application’s accessory tool, esReports.

Shift from pen and paper to digital forms is most welcome now that SNAM is on its way to setting a milestone itself as it plans to pursue partnerships of international scale.

EXE Software is proud to have become the partner of a national company at a moment of growth with a feeling that mingles national pride with the satisfaction of putting its tech achievements in the service of others.

The smooth running communication between the two parties, along with the quick delivery of demos made for a bright and most promising start.