EXE Software announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with Primavera Development, real estate company, for implementing a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint.

Primavera Development has over 20 years of experience in residential buildings, buildings designed for offices and commercial spaces. Thus, with a large number of projects undertaken, building management activities (database with owners, documents, payment terms and so on) are not easy to organize. To streamline these activities and for a better management of activities and documents Primavera Development decided to implement, in collaboration with EXE Software, a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint.

“Primavera Development contacted us because they were looking for a solution to help them cope with the changes we all face today, a solution to streamline the activities of the company, a solution that clearly displays potential or existing situations and a company database secure and very well organized” said Sorin Cosmescu, CEO at EXE Software.

The project will be completed in December, this year, followed by a period of training users.