EXE Software, Romanian software developer achieved 8% growth in 2018

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How did EXE Software evolve last year? What was the company’s turnover compared to 2016?

For EXE Software, 2017 was all about evolution on all levels: team, projects, and clients. For this reason, turnover reached almost €3.4 million, a 14.4% increase on the previous year. At the same time, we managed to consolidate our knowledge and experience with new technologies, especially in terms of cloud computing (.Net, Azure, PowerBI, Machine Learning), but also in IoT and Mobile (Xamarine, Android). We revised one of our main products, we integrated new technologies, and we have a long-term sales plan.

What were the greatest projects of last year? For which kinds of companies are you delivering products and services?

We’re a company specialized in data management applications, whether that is IoT, mobile, web or business intelligence, based on Microsoft technologies. Last year’s growth was due to expanding our collaboration with existing clients, but also through attracting new partners in areas such as retail and financial services. “Cloud Azure” has been in demand in terms of collaborative applications, resource management, and planning solutions or data collection and analysis. Among the projects I would like to highlight, there is one where the solution we developed dealt with resource management and SAP integration.

How many clients do you currently have in your portfolio? How many of these became partners during 2018, and on what kind of projects?

At the moment, we have 45 active clients, and we take pride in the fact that we are delivering global services since about 90% of our turnover comes from international partnerships. This year, we’ve managed to establish new business relationships, not only in Romania but also abroad, with companies active in finance, marketing, and retail. We also managed to reactivate older clients, which have recently submitted major orders.

How was the first semester of 2018 compared to 2017? What was the company’s turnover and how does that correspond to the beginning of 2017?

At the end of 2017, growth plans for the upcoming year were conservative, given the unstable fiscal context and also international economic trends – especially in our partners’ countries. However, the beginning of the year has been promising and we believe growth will continue in the coming months.

What are the biggest projects you are currently working on, and what are you preparing for in the second half of this year?

We are working on major Business Intelligence projects for financial data analysis, using Microsoft Power BI and IBM TM1, but we are also involved in developing enterprise resource planning and collaborative apps with Microsoft .Net. Besides that, our mobile field data collection and analysis solution, delivered as a Cloud service, is being improved continuously to meet more and more market needs.

How many people now work at EXE Software and how many have been recruited during the first six months of the year?

At the moment, EXE Software has a team of 85 people. In the first half of 2018, we have brought in 15 new colleagues, who work as .Net developers, BI Developers, Business Analysts, Operational Manager and HR specialists.