EXE Software, company specialized in the development, implementation and integration of software solutions, has signed a collaboration agreement with WAVE Division to develop a software solution for optimizing business operations.

WAVE Division, one of the largest full service BTL agencies in Romania, decided to make a strategic investment in a software solution to enable its employees to operate and manage data in an easier and more efficient way by reducing the documents introduction time and obtaining information needed to perform daily activities more quickly.

WAVE Division selected EXE Software among several software companies in Romania because of the experience and expertise in WEB application development, professional project management and the top technologies used. This step was taken in the context of an initiative to streamline processes throughout the company, the need to increase performance, simplifying workflow, increasing the level and quality of communication.

To achieve the overall objectives of WAVE Division, EXE Software responded to company’s needs by offering a complete solution for managing and controlling all activities. Spider software solution will be implemented in October by following as EXE Software to provide the necessary support and maintenance for the solution during the entire period of collaboration.