EXE Software is a Romanian company that develops Enterprise Application Software – EAS. It may not be the most fascinating domain, but it has brought it great international expansion and recognition.

The business was launched in 2001 and up until now, it has managed to deliver dedicated solutions in countries as varied as Vietnam, the United States of America, Germany, and Great Britain. On its list, you will also find countries such as Mexico, Tanzania, and Singapore, to name but a few. During its 15 years of activity, EXE Software has built business relationships with reputable companies in industries such as logistics and distribution, publicity, and services through its web, mobile, and Business Intelligence projects.

We talked to a representative of the company and discovered that it has 32 clients in Europe, three in Africa, three in North America, one in South America and six in Asia. According to General Director Sorin Cosmescu, EXE Software has developed a business model which follows its desire to close deals with international customers.

Certain stages take place during any collaboration. First, there is a meeting aimed at understanding customers’ needs. Next, a team consisting of business analysts and tech specialists evaluates all the possibilities to come up with the most suitable software solution. After this, the initial draft is presented to the client, so that both the development team and the customer can review it and get closer to the final planning stage. Once the development project starts, the solution is constantly tested, making sure it is 100% functional before deployment.

EXE Software’s experience consists of providing software solutions for companies in fields such as retail and distribution, financial services, transportation and logistics, computing, energy, and utilities. It also has its own web and mobile products that support sales force automation. When it comes to expansion, the company claims successful implementation as well as having a clear differentiator are the keys to success. In addition, adapting to different market needs is essential: flexibility and constant availability are definitely must-haves.

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