The enthusiasm generated by the latest changes in IT will continue in 2018 and, due to growing expectations, commercial value, security, and transparency will become the focal points for the industry, according to the dedicated Romanian company, EXE Software. According to internal research, the IT sector will grow by 5-7% globally.

In the future, the most popular technologies will be the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Moreover, the need to migrate applications to the Cloud has led to a rise in demand for developers with experience in dedicated technologies such as Azure or AWS.

In our country, given the tax changes coming into effect this year, the business sector will go through a period of adaptation and even reluctance in terms of significant investments. However, due to the positive global context, companies in the IT industry will aim for expansion in areas such as business intelligence, client retention, reaching new markets, team growth, process improvements, adopting new technologies, and developing new products.

EXE Software, a Romanian company with over 16 years of experience in the IT sector, wants to outgrow last year’s turnover, which itself increased by 14.4% from 2016, despite facing a situation full of challenges. “In 2018, we want to establish partnerships with other dedicated companies in Europe and North America, not only for custom development and outsourcing but also to promote and implements our own products,” said Sorin Cosmescu, CEO of EXE Software.

“We will focus on developing our team, and we are open to internship campaigns for students from technical universities. Besides that, we are working on a new EXE Software product, and we will provide more details soon,” he added.

In the past two years, EXE Software’s number of employees has grown by 20%. In 2018, the recruitment continued to expand its web development projects, and the company has several vacancies for the following: full stack developers, software testers, BI consultants, sales specialists, and business analysts.