How the IT sector can become a reliable partner for sports

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EXE Software has become the official sponsor of Team BMR racing team, establishing a unique partnership for the upcoming year. The association of these two parties shows that there are many similarities between two areas that may seem totally different: IT and motorsport.

Speed and performance – these are the two elements that guide not only EXE Software, but also Team BMR. Besides the financial support the racing team will benefit from, EXE Software will also ensure technical assistance with analyzing motorcycles’ parameters during both testing and racing. This will help measure team performance.

“We are happy to have built this partnership, especially since we share many values with Team BMR. At EXE Software, we value team-work and believe that any result depends on each individual’s contribution. Another common element is the ‘controlled risk’, which means that even during extreme situations there is a backup plan. We all think that only by crossing the line and going the extra mile, one can achieve performance,” remarked EXE Software’s CEO, Sorin Cosmescu.

“In a competition such as a motorcycle race, each detail is extremely important, so everything needs to be checked multiple times. This closely resembles our day to day activity, since we pay a lot of attention to detail.”