For 2020, EXE Software has established a series of preditions in terms of Human Resources for the IT sector.

The fast expansion of this domain is suitable for people who are open to new ways of collaboration, available to make quick decisions and willing to make changes.

Taking into consideration that the demand for human resources is increasing, good communication and implementation of an engagement plan are a great asset for companies, since this allows them to align their own objectives to those of their employees. The most important HR processes remain the strategic ones, such as selecting and integrating the right people, discovering competencies and filling the gaps through specialized trainings and workshops.

Involving employees in decision-making, providing them with learning and development opportunities and building a proper working environment is extremely important, helping companies keep their teams together.

Since work-life balance has become more and more important, companies had to adapt, which has led to flexible work hours and permissive infrastructure, which strengthens the relationship between employees and employers. In addition to this, respecting free time and supplementing leave days are often benefits business offer their staff. In IT, a highly competitive sector, the main differentiator is the human component – trust, support and engagement.

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