COVID-19 has forced a lot of companies to focus on digital transformation and pay attention to their online identity, so that their products and services can become more visible and accessible to customers. This brought the need to optimize internal budget flows on all sectors, from management, to production, sales and delivery. But how can you step inside the online environment and choose the best platform to advertise what you are offering?

Start-ups also fall into this category, so many of them have been coming up with new business models based on online platforms and digital solutions, in order to stay relevant while also taking advantage of current opportunities.

Given the situation, EXE Software is talking about the stages a company should go through to implement the most suitable digital platform that can help it face this period and be ready once things will come back to normal.

So, here are the things to be taken into consideration:

– First and foremost, before starting to build a domain online, the company should analyze its business model and work flow, identify risks and solve current problems in day to day activity. IT providers can help my mapping internal business processes, so that the actual development stage will be easier;

– What comes next is remodeling these processes and coming up with an automated solution that can simplify and control them. The solution will then be refined and improved during development and implementation, by the IT provider;

– After that, the project team should evaluate all the apps and tools used in the company, their level of integration as well as users’ level of satisfaction, because chances are that some of the instruments are no longer up to date;

– Once all this is done, the company needs to choose the right IT service provider to implement the digital solution.

It is recommended that the IT company chosen to develop and implement the software solution has a strong background and proven expertise in enterprise applications. Besides that, it is equally important to work with modern technologies and provide support during each phase of the project, from business analysis, to project management, system architecture, UI/UX design, front & back-end development, quality assurance and support after implementation.

EXE Software advises the solution to be installed in Cloud, since this involves scarce investment in infrastructure and a gradual increase of costs, plus easy scalability. In addition to this, it is important for the platform to be user friendly, have an integrated data analysis and report component, as well as user notifications and online payment options.