EXE Software and ING Bank Romania signed a collaboration agreement to implement esInsights.

EXE Software, company specialized in developing, implementing and integrating of software solutions, announce the collaboration agreement with ING Bank Romania.

esInsights solution, implemented for ING Romania by EXE Software, is an Enterprise Survey Software Solution that helps keeping a long-lasting relationship with customers by delivering significant information to improve company products and services.

With esInsights can be created, fast and easy, complex and fully customizable customer satisfaction surveys and then sent to specific groups of customers. Selecting and inviting contacts to participate in the survey is very simple by using a customizable email.The received feedback can be viewed and analyzed by multiple reporting options. Charts and graphs can be configured to create relevant information reports that shape opinions and help in creating clear action plans by segmenting customers.

The advantages of using such applications are very easy to imagine and can be defined in few words: improve products and services, increase sales, improve company image in the market, security standards,customizable reports and statistics and so on.

esInsights has been implemented for ING Bank Romania last year in December, then followed by training and consulting sessions.