EXE Software is one of the biggest IT companies in Romania, having completed over 200 projects and delivering services on five out of seven continents.

This year the company has celebrated its 18th anniversary, so we were curious to find out how the IT industry in Romania looks at the moment, what the future perspectives are, why users are reluctant to artificial intelligence and what are the myths related to AI. We talked to Sorin Cosmescu, general manager of EXE Software, about the current image of the IT industry and trends for the upcoming period.

Analysing the local IT Market

“The IT industry in Romania used to be very different from the one we know now, big companies were only starting and investments were focused on the local market, especially on ERP solutions and applications for the public sector. International companies had not reached the local market. Since they were quickly growing, telecommunication businesses were the first ones to exploit programming resources in Romania. Bucharest was the most developed city in terms of IT resources, followed by other university centres, once the demand became vast”, said Sorin Cosmescu about the changes he noticed in the industry in the past 18 years.

According to the CEO, our country has always kept up with international trends in IT, one of our benefits being the native talent of Romanian programmers and the positive impression they have left when interacting with foreign software providers.

When it comes to analysing the profile of an IT professional from decades ago, he thinks that new technologies and the diversification of applicability areas have made people in the industry become specialized on certain niches of IT.

“While years ago, IT people’s responsibilities ranged from maintaining and administrating hardware systems to developing applications, today, there are a number of specializations, sometimes even within one particular technology. Besides that, the fast changing environment has made programmers more flexible in approaching new development technologies and methodologies, while the need for fast implementation has led to more pragmatism in terms of releases”, added Cosmescu.


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