2021 Forecasts for the IT sector in Romania and globally

What are the main technologies and what goals can be achieved this year?

The year 2020 has shown, in the context of the pandemic, that in a globalized world, with ups and downs, adaptability and flexibility are essential for any business. Regardless of their profile or location, organizations have had and still have to deal with an unprecedented situation.

Thus, the Romanian IT company EXE Software outlines a series of forecasts for 2021, in which the acceleration of digitization remains the main direction for most companies.

Technologies that ensure flexibility and scalability in running the business are still in the spotlight: business platforms and Cloud technology, fast communication and interconnection in the relationship with customers and suppliers, remote work through online platforms, plus 5G technology, strengthening security data and communications through Cybersecurity systems and the possibility of remote human interaction using mobile or IoT devices. We are talking about collecting and processing an increasing volume of data, and data analysis (BI) platforms coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are essential in making quick decisions.

5G technology will be more and more present, facilitating not only new possibilities for customer-supplier-employee communication and interaction but also new variants of business interconnection and process automation, through the intensive use of artificial intelligence. Also, a new Cloud model, called Distributed Cloud, which involves the delivery of services closer to the place where online activities take place, to reduce latencies in data transfer, will be a topic of interest in 2021.

It should also be noted that the transfer of many activities in the online environment has led to an increase in cyber-attacks, which means further measures to ensure data security will be mandatory.

“Last year showed, more than ever, the importance of IT both in everyday life and in business. Who could have imagined what a lockdown situation without the Internet would mean for the world? We are at the point where education has survived the switch to online, online medical appointments are already a common thing, and many of the public services are provided without the need for physical interaction. I find remarkable the effort of companies, which managed to offer continuity and even grow their business, by adjusting and reconfiguring online operations.

In 2021, EXE Software aims to confirm the results achieved in 2020 – an increase in turnover of approximately 18% and exceeding the number of 100 people in the company. In what follows, increasing market visibility, involvement in development projects of new web, mobile, BI and AI platforms, further development of our products and team growth are our main objectives “, pointed out the CEO of EXE Software, Sorin Cosmescu.