52 years since the first Internet connection

The anniversary of the Internet and how it has influenced both Romanian IT and the world as we know it

19/10/20214 Minutes

October 29th is dedicated to the anniversary of the Internet, one of the greatest inventions of humanity, that first appeared in 1969. In this context, the Romanian company EXE Software outlined a series of milestones that show how the Internet has influenced the whole world, but also the evolution company in question, in the two decades of its existence.

At first, the Internet was introduced into our lives gradually, being received with some curiosity, as a weird find of the human mind, an effect of the extraordinary progress made in the field of IT. The internet made it possible for companies to provide their services abroad, simplified procedures, reduced the costs of implementing for software solutions and technical support, made room for business opportunities generated by the need for adaptation or for new code for computer systems. This way, business could benefit from the new interconnection possibilities brought by the Internet and, in recent years, by the Cloud.

In 2001, the year when EXE Software was established, the business was facing many unknown elements, but the uncertainty was compensated by the enthusiasm and determination in following the established path. Two years later, the company launched the first two ERP products, Delta System and Smart Effiecient and, another two years later, signed the first contract for development services and technical support outside Romania. Since 2005, the expansion of the business outside the country has been constant.

In 2010, EXE Software launched esFields, the first functional SFA on iOS smart devices, and in 2015 it became a worldwide software service provider, completing the list of customers in Europe and North America with those in South America, Asia and Africa. Finally, closer to our days, in 2020, EXE Software moved to full remote work, exceeding the number of 100 employees and reaching a turnover of 4.5 million euros.

“I think the Internet has the power to make the physical distance between people insignificant. It unites forces and groups with the same interests, concentrates energy and human potential, no matter where it is, beyond nationality, language, political and religious beliefs or social position.

The Internet has democratized information and, moreover, can make governments reconsider their attitude and the way they exercise their power. It has unleashed and shown, once again, the immense capacity for innovation of the human mind. Basically, the Internet is the generator, main support and engine of the digital revolution, another step forward in the history of human civilization.

The globalization we have been witnessing for years has been supported by the Internet. EXE Software is one of the beneficiaries of globalization, and free access to foreign markets has accelerated the constant growth of the business and, implicitly, of the turnover ”, points out the CEO of EXE Software, Sorin Cosmescu.