Adjusting to new work conditions: the test of 2020

20/10/20203 Minutes

From March to an unknown moment in 2021, remote working has become a rule. Given the circumstances, many companies have decided to support this practice indefinitely.

In March 2020, as restrictions were introduced in countries all around the world, companies were forcedly taking part in the greatest experiment in terms of workflow: remote work. The practice was popular for certain categories of workers. However, even if companies from industries whose activity relies on digitalization are more likely to work from home, this flexibility relies on years of transformation and adaptation.

Representatives of such companies claim that performance can be achieved even through remote work, but only with the right infrastructure. Working from home has been beneficial especially for those who have children since this has enabled them to balance more easily work and personal life. The good news is that nowadays, technology offers plenty of digital tools that allow us to work from any location, at any time.

In Romania, the development company EXE Software says that, in terms of logistics, its industry is, fortunately, one of the best prepared for this new way of working. ‘We have the technical abilities and conditions, the working equipment, the videoconference and collaborative solutions, as well as ERP programs, to support the flexibility required in internal and client interaction’, says Karina Tătui, HR Manager EXE Software.

Karina says the focus is problem-solving, as well as thinking outside of the box and doing things differently. ‘During these times, the team leaders have a key role, because they are also in charge of keeping people engaged and motivated.’

Remote working has become normal

Recently, after Twitter and other global companies, Dropbox announced that it would allow its employees to work remotely indefinitely. Even Facebook says that about 50% of its employees will continue to work remotely in the following decade.

As far as 2020 is concerned, EXE Software will continue to support remote work at least until the end of the year. ‘Meetings at the office will be allowed only in extraordinary conditions. If it is necessary, colleagues can plan meetings as the headquarters, but only under strict restrictions. No more than 7 people can attend these reunions, and wearing a mask and keeping the recommended distance is mandatory during the entire meeting.’