esFields, the SFA solution for retail and product management

11/11/20203 Minutes

Where did the idea of the app come from?

We started thinking about developing such an app after Apple launched the first smartphone, which the Time magazine called “The innovation of 2007”. At the time, EXE Software already had experience in building software solutions for PDAs, and we realized the great potential smartphones had in the business area.

A brief history, how was the app in the beginning, what changes did you make afterward?

The development of mobile solutions is one of the three major directions EXE Software has had for more than 15 years.

In 2008, our internal research and development team had as a main goal analyzing the new technologies brought in the scene by the first smartphone and their ability to offer useful functionalities for companies in various industries. That is how esFields was born: a concept that would demonstrate the utility of smartphones in business.

In 2010, we launched the first commercial version, dedicated to field marketing activities. The response of the market was somewhat as expected because the economy was still recovering after the financial crisis, the price of smartphones was almost prohibitive and large companies had recently invested in solutions that used old technologies and mobile devices. However, this experience showed us that companies were interested in this type of technology and it helped us identify a lot of needs and requirements, which we transformed into functionalities to be implemented in the following versions of esFields.

From then until now, we have remained consistent with what we initially decided to do – esFields, a solid mobile solution that puts the latest technologies to work, providing all the functionalities needed to support activities and improve user productivity. So, besides the iOS version, we have added the Android and Windows versions, and now the solution is also available in Cloud, has Google Maps integration, and uses the PowerBI technology for data reporting. In addition to this, the solution has been designed to be functional both independently and integrated with other ERP and CRM platforms that are currently available on the market.

What are the main functionalities?

esFields is a flexible SFA solution, which includes configurable forms for online and offline order processing, useful in merchandising, stock inventory, sales force management (including performance management). The app has a chat feature, enables route management and client management operations, allows users to manage documents (including pictures or videos), and provides analysis and reports based on field data.

What companies use esFields? From which industries?

esFields has proven its utility in various domains such as product and service distribution, field data collection and reporting, merchandising, transportation, customer care, and market analysis, and is successfully used both by multinational companies and local Romanian businesses.