EXE Software activity in review – what were the trends and what are the conclusions of 2020

The year 2020 brought a series of challenges and obstacles for the business environment worldwide, Romania being no exception. However, the IT field has managed to recover quickly – for example, in the case of the Romanian company EXE Software, the strategy of previous years proved to be useful in the context of the pandemic.

Remote work, from home, accelerated the implementation of solutions that could streamline internal work processes, and the industry trends, like continuous recruitment and integration of new talent in the team, were still present in the company.

As far as EXE Software is concerned, the Romanian business managed to quickly switch to the remote way of working, given the previous investments in equipment, applications, and fast communication lines. Besides, the time dedicated to the management of internal activities, workflows and work procedures has proved to be very useful. Throughout 2020, the company has relied on consolidating knowledge and strengthening production capacity, especially in the area of ​​new WEB, Mobile, BI and AI technologies.

Moreover, the acceleration of digitalization in the business environment has generated an increase in demand for online business platforms, as well as apps that streamline internal workflows and activities. Local companies, especially Romanian entrepreneurs, had a remarkable reaction: despite the obvious difficulties this year, they decided to invest in the necessary platforms to modernize the existing business or even in opening new business lines.

“One of the greatest achievements, thanks to our HR team, is that we have exceeded the number of 100 employed Romanian IT specialists and we expect a significant increase next year. Even though it has been an atypical year, with many uncertainties and unknowns, I think we all agree that working online has shown, more than ever, that any obstacle can be overcome through passion and dedication, cohesion and group strength, even and in conditions of social distancing.

In the context of a year marked by the pandemic crisis, our company ends the year with an estimated turnover of almost 4.4 million euros, representing an increase of 13.3 percent, compared to last year “, said Sorin Cosmescu, EXE Software CEO.