EXE Software for Connect Magazine

14/10/20213 Minutes

How did EXE Software start? What were the first steps?
We started in 2001, with a capital of about $ 10,000, which we used for the purchase of equipment, the rent of an apartment and an Internet subscription and, last but not least, the payment of the salaries for a few months of the three programmers, with whom, we, the three shareholders (n.r. Sorin and Gabriel Cosmescu and Razvan Udrea), started and worked side by side, from the first days.

How many employees do you have and where do they work from (office or remote)? What services do you offer and to whom are they addressed?
We have 110 employees, mostly IT professionals, with the support areas outsourced. We all work remotely, from the first days of the pandemic, with occasional visits to the office, especially for work meetings. We deliver custom software development services, technical support and IT maintenance and consulting on five continents – mainly to multinational companies, and some of them have been collaborating with us for more than 10 years. Our products are mainly sold on the Romanian market.

Which of these is the most popular?
WEB, Mobile and Business Intelligence custom development services have the largest share in the company’s revenues.

Software companies are often considered the “unsung heroes”, their work being one of the most important in the tech industry and beyond. How do you cope with such a competitive environment?
In our 20 years of existence, we have developed a true EXE Software culture, of a work that is well done by the entire team, customer-oriented and, mainly, based on results that meet customer needs and even exceed their expectations, focused on attention and permanent adaptation to new technologies and working methodologies. The team is made up of professionals who have already proven that they can meet any challenges.

What are the most important projects you have developed during your 20 years of experience?
Every project is important for us, we get involved in the same way, because regardless of its size, it is paramount for our client and their business may depend on the result of our work.
We have been and are involved in large projects, worth millions of euros, in which we participate with development teams that provide the basis and foundation of those projects and which, eventually, have remained or will remain in our maintenance.