How IT recruiters keep up with the actual context of COVID-19 pandemic

What are the abilities recruiters look for and what are the most appreciated technologies

After more than one and a half months since the lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide companies are adapting and making changes in order to survive this crisis and get stronger for when the situation gets back to normal.

The IT industry, for example, has been forced to innovate and develop new products and services, in order to answer the increasing need for digitalization of companies in all areas of business. This way, service providers make sure they can fulfill their clients’ demands for software and tech support. As a consequence, IT recruitment cannot be put on hold, especially during times like these.

And because the hiring process must continue, the selection process is now digitalized as well and interviews have been moved in the online environment. The main benefit of this method is that it shortens the selection process, offering more flexibility to both candidates and employers. Recruiters are looking for candidates who are adaptable, open to innovation and new technologies, and willing to gain new skills. Besides that, they should be fast learners and know at least one popular foreign language.

In addition to these general characteristics, depending on the team they will be part of, candidates should know certain programming languages: those who are specialized in WEB development should be familiar with C#, .NET framework, and SQL Server database, while front end developers should have JavaScript and Jquery knowledge. For TM1 teams, candidates must be used to working with Cognos TM1 technologies and databases. Those who want to become software testers should understand the testing process and the activities it involves: documentation analysis, test case practices, and bug reporting.

“In spite of the current situation, good things have happened during the past months. One of the most notable aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, from a business point of view, is the increasing need for digitalization and the innovation that has become common in most companies and industries. Plus, working from home for such a long time has brought positive changes in terms of work hours, because employees no longer waste time on their way to the office. This has been noticed to increase productivity since individuals can invest more time in relaxing activities and things that really matter to them”, said Karina Tătui, HR Manager EXE Software.

EXE Software, for instance, has many vacancies in Web Development (.NET framework), BI (using Cognos TM1 technology), and QA teams.