How the pandemic changed the business environment – what do employees do about their holidays?

28/08/20202 Minutes

The last half of the year has brought many changes to our daily life, including people’s choices for holidays and leisure activities. In this context, a Romanian IT company highlights the most popular trends among its employees.

As opposed to last summer, when people preferred to plan an extended holiday of about 10 working days without interruption, in 2020, employees’ holidays were much shorter, most often being an extended weekend, show the representatives of Romanian IT company, EXE Software.

“We understand these choices, given the current global situation, but even if it is not a good year for holidays spent too far from home, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy a safe holiday. We encourage our colleagues to enjoy the holidays while making sure to respect all the restrictions, social distance and hygiene measures. I think that, especially during these times, we all need a break, to relax and regain our motivation “, said Karina Tătui, HR Manager EXE Software.

EXE Software’s employees have been working from home from the beginning of the State of Emergency. The company recommends that all the meetings to be held online, and physical meetings can take place at the headquarters, only in exceptional conditions, and respecting certain precautions. Each meeting has a manager who checks the temperature for all participants, the maximum number of attendees is seven, the meetings must take place in a large room, and it is mandatory to wear a protective mask at all times.
In the medium term, the holidays are expected to last two to four days.