Human Resource in IT, after the second year of pandemic

What went well and what didn’t

20/12/20213 Minutes

The second year of the pandemic ended well as far as the HR field in the IT industry is concerned. HR procedures in companies have adapted to new conditions imposed by the pandemic, both in terms of administration and the recruitment process.

The biggest challenges were related to recruiting and selecting the right people, given that IT is a competitive environment, where there is a high demand for programmers and a large deficit in the labor market.

“During recent years, there is a trend in which the need for IT specialists is greater than the number of graduates of technical universities and computer science faculties. Thus, companies should stand out as employers, build a relationship with potential candidates, make their brand known and attract human resources’ interest. Once this is achieved, the next challenge is to create a retention plan and maintain a high level of employee involvement” said Karina Tătui, HR Manager EXE Software.

Despite this, the pandemic also brought good things: a flexible working style, the possibility to work from anywhere, even from a different city, which helps compensate for the limited resources available on the local labor market. With these changes, the workforce was more stable, especially among employees with a higher level of seniority, while for those at the beginning of their careers, there was a greater willingness to spend a longer period in the same workplace.

„Due to the increase of market visibility and involvement in development projects of new web, mobile, BI and AI platforms, the main objective of the HR department remained consolidating existing teams. In fact, we are glad that, this year, we managed to organize the first physical event together, since the beginning of the pandemic, and in December we are considering holding meetings at the company’s headquarters.

During the pandemic, many new colleagues joined, so at the moment EXE Software has reached a total of 108 people, and it was very difficult for them to feel the informal spirit in the company. So, this month, we want to celebrate the end of the year together and spend time around the Christmas tree, and we have planned surprises for each of them. It’s our little way to thank them for how well they have adapted and we are glad that, compared to last year, we have the opportunity to tell them, in person, how much we appreciate them “, concluded Karina Tătui.