IT trends at the beginning of 2022

How will the new year look like and what are the most popular technologies

10/01/20222 Minutes

Similar to the last two years, the accelerated digitization induced by the pandemic has ensured and will ensure spectacular growth in the IT field, the companies in our country being closely connected to the global IT market. In fact, remote work has made possible the globalization of the workforce, with its advantages and disadvantages, so the area of ​​recruitment of new talent has expanded nationally and even internationally.

In terms of popular technologies, at the beginning of 2022, Cloud Computing, Metaverse, 5G and Wi-FI6, Blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be in the spotlight, as well as CyberSecurity.

Already present in our lives through smart appliances or autonomous cars, these technologies will help automate business processes and will form the basis of new virtual worlds, where users can interact, socialize, explore and create content, later monetizable through virtual transactions.

“I am pleased to say that EXE Software is involved in large-scale platform development projects for online trading of goods and services, software solutions for automating internal workflows and data analysis and reporting platforms. We currently have customers in the European Union, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

From 2021, we have kept some good case practices: increasing the number of orders for custom software solutions and the accelerated maturation of technologies that come to support digital transformation and remote work.

For 2022, we aim to maintain the growth rate of turnover of 17-20%, expand our team, but also adopt some new, promising technologies “, said Sorin Cosmescu, CEO of EXE Software.

In fact, the company’s internal project is to transform the way of working in development and technical support projects, so that there is a more efficient allocation of programming resources and a faster integration of newcomers into the company’s processes.