Romanian IT industry halfway through 2020.

What are the technologies and trends to follow by the end of the year?

21/07/20203 Minutes

What are the technologies and trends to follow by the end of the year?

The first half of 2020 was a real challenge for any business, in Romania and also abroad. Basically, this year companies’ mission has been to reinvent and adapt to the environment created by COVID-19 pandemic, IT businesses being some of the ones that managed to keep the pace of development.

The past months had led to an increase in the number of external demands for custom solutions, the growth being determined by the need for cost reduction in companies affected by the pandemic. However, certain IT companies have been affected, especially those whose clients’ had to cut costs, but they are likely to recover in the second part of this year and the beginning of 2021.

“During the first months of 2020, EXE Software has registered a growth of 10% in turnover, compared to the same period of time from 2019. We noticed that the most significant growth took place in April and May, because most of our clients have accelerated project implementation, in order to optimize internal processes, remote work and social distancing in general. Romania remains a country that is active when it comes to IT, in terms of expertise and also costs. However, after the optimism wave in May and beginning of June, when things seemed to be kept under control, the increase of COVID-19 cases is now overwhelming the business environment in Romania. Uncertainty and insecurity are setting in, and the officials need to step up and restore the situation through consensus, firm decisions and actions”, said CEO of EXE Software, Sorin Cosmescu.

Tech trends we think will remain popular in the following months:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): intelligent data processing will definitely continue, since voice and image recognition are already a thing, due to recent progress;

Cloud computing: working from home has brought a huge increase in the demand for Cloud computing, given the online conferences, training and online schooling necessary during these months;

Virtual reality (VR): the pandemic has increase the number of users for VR devices, because people want to improve their video gaming or even travel experiences. Plus, more and more people are using the technology in order to achieve human interaction through dedicated VR platforms;

5G: this is the future of communication for the entire mobile industry. This type of connectivity for mobile Internet will provide high speed performances, 5 times faster than the 4G capabilities, plus more stable connection, which will favor all industries;