Team-buildings and team meetings to be gradually reintroduced in corporate activities

When are face to face meetings expected to happen and what way of working do IT people prefer

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Traditionally, the period between spring and summer marked the beginning of corporate team-buildings in our country. Now, for the second year in a row, companies have been forced to change the dynamics of group events, but there are signs of a gradual return, according to the conclusions of the HR department of EXE Software.

Specifically, this autumn, it is expected that large-scale physical events within companies will be gradually resumed, while there are several initiatives designed to keep employees engaged with the work environment through informal online meetings.

“Even during the pandemic, we tried to be consistent in terms of the events we organized within the company. The last one took place in December last year: we tried a bold idea to move the traditional Christmas party online, with the participation of most of our colleagues.

The good thing about the pandemic is that we have all gained the confidence that we can work from home or another city, as long as, at the end of the day, the tasks for the day are completed. Working from home can give you more comfort and the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones, so it can help for a better balance between work and personal life”, said Karina Tătui, HR Manager EXE Software.

Regarding the return to the office, the above-mentioned company opened its doors for colleagues who want to come occasionally, but according to an internal survey, it was decided to continue with remote work. In the medium term, a hybrid working method is being considered, with the possibility of working both in the office and remotely, depending on each employee’s preferences.