The number of women in IT is constantly growing

– how the pandemic challenges have changed the dynamic

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The number of women working in the IT field is significantly close to that of men, remaining stable over the last few years in the Romanian company EXE Software: approximately 40% of the total staff.

Given last year’s situation, when work in IT companies has taken place almost exclusively remote, and according to a report by Kaspersky, called “Women in Tech”, about a third of women in the technology industry prefer to work from home. According to the quoted source, up to 33% of women said that they work better this way and that they have more autonomy when they do not work in an office.

Within EXE Software, the impact of women is overwhelming in the departments of creation and Web Development and BI, marketing, finance, or HR, covering the latter three in full.

“In our case, since the beginning of EXE Software, whenever the opportunity arises women are encouraged to be part of the core of the company. Through their qualities, they have ensured the stability of our activities and brought consistency to our projects, thus having considerable merit in the renowned company, today “, concludes the CEO of EXE Software, Sorin Cosmescu.

In fact, over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of female students in technical colleges, which is also reflected in the workforce, with women occupying more than a third of IT jobs in our country.