Tips for those who are just starting out in IT

What to look for and what is good to know before searching for a job

15/11/20214 Minutes

A solid career is built over time and it marks certain steps that one must not skip. In addition to what students are taught in college, it is important to try to gain experience through actual projects – which allow people to experiment more, to work with more technologies and to learn how to deal with the problems they will face later in their professional life.

“Since college, students can look for internship programs or Junior Developer roles within IT companies. This way, they will become familiar with what the work environment in a company means, with the new technologies and with the way of working when building a software application. Thus, they learn practical things and can test their skills. One of the main benefits of this is that they often have a mentor who guides them and helps them grow ”, says Karina Tătui, HR Manager of EXE Software.

In addition to testing their options since college, it is useful for a youngsters who are passionate about IT to experiment with several programming languages, then find their favorite and specialize in a certain technology. At the same time, improving English is also very important, as many of the programming languages are written and designed to be used in this language. In fact, most of the time, the documentation and conversation with other developers or clients will also take place in English.

How young people in the IT field should be, according to companies in the industry?

Flexible, open to new ways of communication and constant learners, because the IT environment is dynamic, so technologies change and evolve from day to day. It is important to experiment as much as possible and get involved in as many projects as possible before specializing in a particular technology. Creativity, involvement and perseverance are equally important qualities.

What programming languages ​​are the most popular?

“Even if, depending on the job description, the programming languages vary and use different codes, they are based on the same fundamental concepts. For example, in EXE, for a Web Developer – .NET role, which is a full stack developer role, where both front-end and back-end knowledge is needed, it is important that candidates are familiar with the OOP, plus basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script, C # and databases, SQL Server.

Professional retraining, common in IT companies

“In this field, there is a huge demand for programmers, due to the large deficit of people in the labor market. Currently, the need for new human resource in the IT market is greater than the number of graduates of technical universities and computer science faculties. Thus, we consider that professional reconversions are welcome. More important than graduating from a faculty in the field is the acquired knowledge, technical skills and desire to learn. For example, we have among our colleagues people who have successfully gone from the economic field to IT “, concludes Karina Tătui.