Whap.ro, the place where initiatives find specialists

The story of the online platform that helps projects turn to reality

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Because last year has changed the way people collaborate, a team of professionals has come up with the idea of a platform that creates a bridge between people with project ideas and those who have the skills to turn them to reality.

The whap.ro platform brings together project creators, who have found an idea to implement, and reliable specialists, so that the above-mentioned projects can become a reality. The fields and interests cover a wide range of domains, and the platform can accommodate anyone: from individuals eager to build a house or arrange it, to a start-up or a freelancer, who may be looking to build a website or identify a channel for promotion. What all these entities have in common is the need to find competent specialists in all fields, who can help in an efficient way so that the project can follow its course.

Whap.ro works like an auction house, only instead of art objects or old wines, it includes projects and specialists. People or companies that need professionals post the ad on the platform, and the specialists with the required skills offer a price, bidding for their services, adapting to the conditions in the ad. Following the bidding, the party that generated the project decides who they will collaborate with, and once the project ends, the two parties can evaluate each other using a rating system.

“Whap is a 100% Romanian product, but it works like a Swiss watch. The idea came in response to the last year of the pandemic, in which many projects “were held back” if not suspended or canceled altogether. It’s a user-friendly, intuitive product – the registration system, the choice of subscriptions, the possibility of mutual evaluation, all these are components that we worked on for almost a year.

Architects, designers, engineers, marketers, translators – individuals and companies from all categories and fields, who want to start a project and need the right people – these are the ones for whom we supported the idea of whap.ro “, said Sorin Cosmescu, CEO EXE software.

To enter the auction system, the costs of project creators and specialists start from 20 respectively 10ron, and reaches up to 70 respectively 30ron, with several packages meant to cover many situations and needs. Designed for the dynamic market in Romania, whap.ro has been designed to support expansion, if necessary, in the future.