What does the first half of the year look like for Romanian IT?

The upward trend from 2020 is maintained, Cloud technology is gaining ground and the demand for data analysis and reporting solutions is increasing

07/08/20213 Minutes

The first half of the current year shows that corporate digitization is far from over, the pandemic doing nothing but highlight the need for this approach in organizations around the world. Thus, since companies want to develop and perform, the increasing trend in terms of demand for IT solutions and services is here to stay, at least until the end of 2021, showing an analysis of EXE Software.

The efforts of IT companies in Romania have been focused on increasing the teams, meeting the high need for IT solutions and providing the necessary logistical support for remote work, given last year’s growth.

This year, most businesses have adopted Cloud technology, regardless of scale or country of origin, for all new solutions, built from scratch. At the same time, most of the solutions include a mobile component, which offers more flexibility and greater availability, suitable for any device.

There has been a significant increase in the demand for data analysis and reporting solutions based on PowerBI technology. The increasing volumes of data companies can collect and manage using different software applications and devices, involve high-performance tools for analysis, necessary for the efficient management of any business.

“While in the first half of last year, amid a pandemic, we were somewhat surprised by the increasing number of requests from our customers, this year we were way better prepared. The upward trend of our turnover continued in 2021, this time being 24% higher than in the same period of 2020. Together with the turnover, the number of employees has also increased, and this has enabled us to ensure the development of IT solutions, but also provide consulting and technical support and maintenance services, which we offer to our 42 active clients, at this moment.

One of the things we take great pride in is the fact that one of our products’ flexibility, esFields, but also its ability to incorporate data collection forms, made in PowerBI technology, have made most of our customers expand its use in almost all projects involving fieldwork “, said Sorin Cosmescu, CEO of EXE Software.