Fully customizable mobile SFA solution for team members and management.


If you want to gain more control of your company’s activity, then you need to use a software solution that can properly support your labor, and that is exactly what esFields has done for us. The specialists from EXE were there from the very beginning, helping us with during each stage of the implementation and internal configuration process. This way, I can say we have gotten the full benefits of esFields.

Adrian Bratu

General Director of Societatea Națională a Apelor Minerale

EsFields surprised us at the right time on our journey to success. And we did it! Since the beginning of the collaboration, there was a symbiosis created between L’Oréal’s needs and EXE Software’s know-how! I believe that we are part of the same team and we pursue the same goal of performance, the message is clear and that helps us evolve.

Ionela Mandrescu

Trade Marketing at L’Oréal România

Find out what esFields
can do for you

  • Build custom forms and complex reports within minutes;
  • Keep your front and back office teams connected;
  • Get instant feedback on customer interactions;
  • Encourage employees’ productivity (due to gamification feature);
  • Keep track of your field teams’ activity and routes.

Find out all the benefits of esFields

Power BI integration

Allows even non-technical users to build reports, analyze information and thus make informed decisions.

Order processing

Taking an order becomes a simple and fast task. Never miss a chance to generate new income.

Cloud-based solution

Saves you infrastructure and software license costs, while offering flexibility and scalability.

Customizable interface

The esFields application can be customized to meet the needs of companies in the sales and distribution area.

Online and offline data registrations

Enables users to collect information regardless of their location in the field.

Integrated with other systems

esFields can be used by itself or integrated with ERP, CRM tools.

Task Management

You can generate and share task lists for each member of the team for everything to work well.


Find out all the features of esFields

Our application solves a lot of problems and simplifies things in your business, so that you can grow and develop.

Game Feature

esFields allows salespeople to be ranked and rewarded based on performance. Thus, agents remain motivated to reach their sales target, and managers understand the effectiveness of each team member.

Integrated Chat Feature

With the help of the chat function, esFields ensures good communication between front and back office teams, facilitating interaction and information transfer.

Route management

Through the GPS function, users can plan and manage their daily routes to reach all sales and distribution points. Also, managers can monitor the routes of sales agents to supervise their activity.

Easy to build and analyze reports

Data is analyzed and reported through integration with PowerBI, so decision makers can draw conclusions and act on accurate information.


We can make the difference

We simplify your business and solve a lot of problems with our solution.

Sales and distribution
  • Avoid bottlenecks and streamline the activity of your field sales and distribution teams;
  • Make business decisions based on accurate market information;
  • Get a clear overview of stocks and sales at any point of sale.
  • Simple data collection and reporting of relevant metrics;
  • Save time with routes optimization according to pre-established criteria;
  • See, at any moment, the situation of each vehicle and personnel member for better results.
Services that involve field teams
  • Improve workflow and task management foryour team;
  • Enhance data accuracy, due to instant verification;
  • Increase transparency, through easy access to information.
Marketing and market analysis
  • Gain time with configurable forms for market surveys;
  • Eliminate the risk of error through data entry verification;
  • Save time scanning QR code or barcode for in-store products.
Delivery and courier services
  • Supervise the product shipping and delivery process;
  • Support courier activities through route optimization;
  • Reduce error through immediate issue of documents.
Sales consultancy
  • Register each client interaction immediately;
  • Communicate with other team members and/or managers;
  • Access product information and analyze reports instantly.

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