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esFields is a complex data collection solution, offering an automated alternative to repetitive tasks performed by field teams and providing managers with a better overview of their teams’ activity, in real time. It provides companies with a transparent view all the way down to the field data level, as well as providing field agents with easy access to central information and data.


esFields gives companies the possibility to collect data and create field reports consisting in various relevant metrics. To streamline results, esFields works best with esAgent, esInsights or esVisits.

esFields is an extremely customizable solution, which enables you to integrate it with several apps that complete its features and capabilities, in order to answer your company’s needs.

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With esVisits: a tool easy to use for building routes for field employees, task management and activity tracking, through GPS feature.

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Together with esAgent, esFields will allow you to place orders, see order status and available stocks, or manage client relationship and history.

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With esInsights, esFields can become a merchandising solution that you can use to gather relevant information about campaigns and target market.

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  • Offline data collection
  • Configurable forms (on demand)
  • Data entry validation
  • QR and barcode scanner
  • Image and audio recording
  • Integrated chat and documents sharing
  • GPS tracking of devices
  • Google maps integration
  • Configurable and optimized routes
  • Duration tracking (visit length, travel time, etc.)
  • GDPR compliance measures
  • Microsoft Azure cloud deployment
  • Power BI Reports
  • Excel and table format exports
  • Data integration with existing ERP, CRM systems
  • Mobile printer integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Available on Google Play for Android or on demand for iOS



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