Brief description of the solution

esFields is a mobile SFA solution that can support and optimize order processing, invoices, contracts, routes, client interactions and feedback, promotions, service files, or performance tests. The application is easily customizable and can be adjusted to serve the needs of companies from various domains.

General features

  • Online and offline data registration through configurable forms, which can adapt to users’ purpose
  • Generating and sharing task lists for each member of the team
  • Data entry validation, according to standards
  • Image and document sharing
  • Tracking, configuration and optimization of field teams’ routes and schedules, through GPS
  • Integrated chat feature, to ensure communication within the team
  • Evaluation and gamification for users’ performance, based on sales targets and other KPIs
  • Management of client relationships
  • Customizable reports
  • Analyzing data (buying habits, client feedback, market trends, product information etc), using Power BI technology


esFields is a versatile solution answering the needs of businesses from a wide array of industries. What is more, it can function per se, but it can also be integrated with the most popular ERP or CRM systems.

Sales and distribution

esFields supports and streamlines the activity of field sales and distribution teams, helping managers make decisions based on accurate market information.
Besides the general features, the app has a series of dedicated capabilities:

  • Managing orders for each point of sale and reporting data collected after financial transactions
  • Supervising stocks and identifying bottlenecks in the distribution chain
  • Managing client relationships

Marketing and market analysis

Because it is easily configurable, esFields is the ideal tool for marketing campaign automation, researches and client surveys.
Here are the features dedicated to the marketing field, adding to general ones:

  • Configurable forms, which can be easily adapted to the purpose of the survey
  • Configurable procedures for data entry verification
  • Image capture and sharing, very useful for Mystery Client campaigns
  • QR code and barcode scanning for in-store products


The solution simplifies the collection and reporting of relevant metrics in the industry, providing a centralized image of the situation of each vehicle and personnel.
For companies in transportation, esFields has several specific capabilities, in addition to the general ones:

  • Routes optimization, according to certain criteria such as fastest itinerary, important locations to be reached or urgent tasks
  • Registering and centralizing routes and their related duration, plus drivers’ working hours, rest times and expenses
  • Tracking of route sheets
  • An online centralized map containing the position of each vehicle

Sales consultancy and promotions

esFields streamlines the activity of sales agents or promoters, allowing them to register each client interaction immediately and send the information to their managers.
In addition to general features, the solution has a series of capabilities dedicated to salespeople and promoters:

  • Collecting product purchase information for each client, as well as feedback, directly in stores
  • Customizable list of promotional products and offers
  • Checking available stocks using the QR code and barcode scanning function
  • Checking products on the shelf, displays and display cases
  • Gathering data to build client profile, in compliance with GDPR

Delivery and courier services

esFields automates courier activities and can be customized to answer the particular procedures and practices of delivery businesses.
In addition to the general functionalities, the solution has many capabilities that fit delivery and courier companies:

  • Routes optimized based on criteria that may include the importance or urgency of delivery
  • Recording information about product shipping and delivery, as well as receipts
  • Issuing documents for shipping and / or delivery of products and materials (invoices)

Services that involve field teams

esFields is a useful tool for companies whose activities take place on the field, such as service and maintenance, monitoring water or air quality, evaluating quality standards for certain services (constructions, cleaning etc), to name but a few.
Particular functionalities include:

  • Instant verification and validation of data entry, according to required standards
  • Recording the date, time and place where each form was filled in
  • Capturing and distributing images, useful in the case of service or quality assessment activities

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Low implementation and use costs
  • esFields is installed and accessed in the Cloud, so it does not involve infrastructure and software license costs
  • Clients can purchase esFields license as a monthly subscription
  • Costs are proportional to the number of licenses, users, or volume of data managed
Customization and Scalability
  • esFields is an application developed 100% by EXE Software team in Romania, which allows it to be customized in detail, according to clients’ needs
  • Due to its architecture and infrastructure, the solution is scalable and can answer the needs of a growing company
  • The developers use DevOps technology for updates and new versions of the app
Integration with other systems used by customers
  • The solution can be used by itself or integrated with ERP, CRM and other systems the client may already be using
  • The integration ensures centralized and accurate data
Data reporting using Microsoft Power BI
  • The solution has been developed under the latest Microsoft technology
  • esFields uses Microsoft PowerBI to analyze data and generate complex reports that are easy to access even for non-technical users

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