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esInsights is a tool dedicated to merchandising, letting you know what is happening wherever your products are, be it in your stores or down the distribution chain. Using this app, your team can record data about campaign setup activities, audit campaigns, monitor stocks, conduct surveys and much more.

esInsights is dedicated to:
  • Trade Marketers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Area sales managers
  • Merchandizers
  • Marketing Agencies with outsourced employees
  • Store auditors


1. Easily track the implementation of product promotion campaigns and audit them once they are happening

2. Check share of shelf space provided by partners (distributors, retailers etc), by capturing images with the live situation in the market

3. Conduct price surveys or general marketing surveys

4. Monitor employees’ activity: check in / check out time for each point of sales they are visiting

5. Check product labels

6. Track stocks in distributors’ and retailers’ points of sale (notify need for out of stock products, stock replenishment or prices)

7. Easy management of team members: timekeeping, scheduling and registration of holiday requests

8. Build schedules, assign routes to your agents and track them through the GPS feature

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Technologies & features

  • Campaign setup, analysis, tracking and auditing
  • Evaluate stock gaps and identify bottlenecks in the distribution chain
  • Conduct competition or pricing surveys
  • Measure shelf share and compare to market standards, recommendations or company targets
  • Track and evaluate field employees’ activity
  • Conduct market surveys
  • Data entry validation
  • QR and barcode scanner
  • Image and audio recording
  • Integrated chat and documents sharing
  • GPS tracking of devices
  • Google maps integration


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