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Pro HR App

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Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe Team

ProHR App has improved internal processes and has eased administrative work both for managers and team members.

DDM Holding

IT Team from DDM Holding

DDM is using a custom version of ProHR App, developed to facilitate the approval flow for different types of leaves, and help supervise daily attendance.

Find out what the solution can do for you

  • Highly customizable software application dedicated to automation of various HR processes
  • A standard version that consists of four modules: career development, leaves, administration, and recruitment
  • It supports human resources strategy, by providing a clear overview of employees’ activity
  • Help managers and team members to access relevant data and delivering reports according to each company’s needs


  • It can deliver personalized reports regarding employees’ activity, consisting in information such as attendance, competencies, tenure and others;
  • It can be used by companies regardless their number of employees (unlimited number of users);
  • Saves employees valuable time they can now spend for work tasks;
  • It has a mobile version (in progress);
  • Available for companies with multiple countries and can be configured import national holidays by default, depending on the location;
  • Automates a wide array of repetitive activities in the HR department (administration, attendance etc);
  • Customizable on demand, depending on each customer’s focus (we can add or remove modules);
  • Customizable and user friendly interface;
  • Enables HR people to easily evaluate current employees and thus build their development plan and calculate future needs;
  • Supports the HR strategy by providing a complex overview of employees’ competencies;
  • Storage on premises or on Cloud, on demand.


Career development
  • Managers can build a competencies sheet for each team member
  • Storage of information such as employees’ level of preparation, seniority, professional goals and action steps to achieve those goals (needed courses, certifications etc)
  • Reports showing various relevant data such as predominant skills in the company, necessary knowledge, lacking competencies and so on.
  • Manage information about candidates who apply on each vacancy
  • Database search, using certain keywords (for instance seniority level of candidates, competencies, location)
  • Stores tests for candidates applying on various positions, which can be randomly generated right before the test begins, based on criteria selected by the recruiter (difficulty level, number of questions, requested skills, etc)
  • Analysis to forecast the busiest periods of the year in terms of the recruitment process.
  • Users can manage all types of leave days: medical leave, rest leave, permission leave, remote work, business leave, and others
  • Managers can approve or decline requests through the app – team leaders will receive an automated email once employees select their leave days, and after the approval, the app generates the official document for print
  • Users have an overview of their team members’ leave days situation
  • The app notifies team managers in case of changes in standard schedule: work from home requests, business leave, sales meetings, etc
  • The app can incorporate an electronic signature if desired
  • On-demand, it can be integrated with the automated system that keeps tracking of each employee’s schedule.
  • Admins can build complex database including all relevant information about employees, including fields such as personal data, employment documents, job history or job description
  • The application can be set to send users notifications on various topics (like document renewal and others)
  • Provides a comprehensive organizational chart, which is updated automatically once a person’s role has been modified
  • Enables the manager to check dashboards consisting of information about retention rates (for example average employment duration, number of full time / part-time employees, percentage voluntary/ involuntary termination, attrition rate).


Various companies use the Pro HR App for better integration of all HR processes and to obtain an overview of human resources involved in daily activities.


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