Smart Efficient

Collaborative software application that integrates and optimizes all activities of the organization.


Delta Studio is using a complex version of the solution, which integrates and automates the activities and work flows in the company.

Delta Studio

Learn what Smart Efficient
can do for you

  • The solution ensures effective control of resources, workflow, revenue and costs for each project taking place in your company;
  • It optimizes information flows and provides secure access to a centralized document management system.

Find out more about the cost

  • The application is highly customizable depending on each client’s particular needs and demands;
  • Costs may vary depending on the type of product you choose;
  • Let’s talk and find out together which is the most suitable plan for your company.

Facilities of Smart Efficient

Overview of costs

Effective overview of costs, since users have access to actual vs. planned budget reports and they receive notifications in case of budget overrun.

Improved planning

Improved planning of production, according to customer orders and the availability of internal and external resources for better results.

History of collaborations

Access to a history of collaborations with each client, which ensure a clear track of partnerships and contracts.

Decision-making process

The reinforced decision-making process, based on up to date information provided by the software.

Standardized invoicing

Standardized invoicing workflow, which leads to reduced billing operation time and makes business more efficient.

Improve customer relations

Improve customer relations by tracking the deadlines and resources allocated for each project.

Better communication

Better communication between project development team members, which will bring better results.


Things to solve with Smart Efficient

Improving workflow

Standard workflow for advertising agencies, so your team can work better and more efficiently.

Better organization

Timesheet management for better organisation of time and task resources and improved efficiency.

Data centralization

A database containing an array of information including clients, suppliers, finances and so on.

Greater efficiency

Daily work task mode with automatic notifications so you don't forget important things you have to work on.

Accurate reports

A complex module of analyses and reports based on the information stored in the database.

Improving invoice

Complex invoicing module with automatic validation of entered data and more useful results.

More intuitive

Predefined document templates with autocomplete functionality to make it easier for you.


Various business areas

Companies in various business areas use Smart Efficient to improve their workflow and have a clear picture of the operational activities of the entire business.


Years of experience in solution implementation


Active users for Smart Efficient