Artificial Intelligence

AI delivers accurate, in-depth insights, automating tasks with unmatched flexibility.


EXE Software has dedicated teams that ensure support for JTI’s applications in business areas such as finance, production and many others. We deliver services to JTI across the globe in numerous countries.


The ERP system developed by EXE Software is dedicated to streamlining stock management operations and improving supply, acquisition and sales processes.

Delta Studio

Improve your business with AI

  • Automate data extraction from diverse sources efficiently, streamlining data-driven business decisions and operations;
  • AI can enhance customer experiences, personalize interactions, and help businesses stay innovative and adaptable in a rapidly changing landscape;
  • Not only cuts costs but also gives your business a powerful edge in making informed decisions swiftly.
Features and benefits

Unlock the potential

Use our services to streamline your e-commerce operations through its exceptional features and benefits.

Automated Product Information Generation

Automate the creation of structured product information, reducing manual data entry and Transform raw data into organized, actionable product information effortlessly.

AI-Driven Analysis

Harness AI to meticulously analyze diverse input sources, extracting comprehensive product information for accurate and informative product listings.

Flexible Export Options

Customize output by exporting results in CSV, Excel, JSON, or through API endpoints.
Ensure a smooth flow of product information into your e-commerce platform.

Multi-Source Support

Broaden data prospecting with our AI technology, adept at managing and interpreting a vast array of data sources.

Multilingual Support and Automatic Translation

Overcome language barriers with support for multiple languages and automatic translation.


Innovative development technologies

Discover the power of cutting-edge technologies and unlock your software development potential with our comprehensive range of innovative solutions and services.

Azure Cognitive ServicesMachine TranslationAzure Document IntelligenceAzure Infrastructure, Resources & ServicesMicroservicesLLM (Language Model)Azure Container AppsOpenAI

Crafting memorable digital experiences

Our team has vast experience in creating innovative software that accelerates business worldwide. We are specialized in data management web, mobile and BI applications based on Microsoft or IBM technologies, on Cloud or on-premises.


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