IT Consultancy

Experienced consultants will help you choose the most suitable software solution for your business

IT Consultancy

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DDM Holding

IT Team from DDM Holding

The DDM IT was very satisfied with the collaboration. The EXE team was very professional from the beginning, the project was done in due date and they responded very quickly with ironing out the details in the UAT. We did a couple of add-ons since the project was launched and the applications work perfectly within our IT environment.

Professional consultancy in every stage of your project

  • Get advice from people with vast expertise in various business areas and industries
  • Improve your business processes to maximize the impact of enterprise software
  • Transfer competencies to improve project profitability
Features and benefits

Experienced IT consultants will help you reach your business goals

Vast expertise

Find out what solution is the most suitable for your business, from skilled consultants with experience in the latest technologies.

Improved processes

Discover a new perspective on the IT environment of your company, through the analysis of existing systems, problem identification and replacement of old technologies.

Cost reduction

You will get an accurate forecast from the beginning, and an experienced consultant will make sure the project is finished using the least amount of resources.

Transfer of competency

Consolidate your IT team by collaborating with an experienced consultant, who can keep the project under control during each stage of development.

Increase productivity

The development team will be able to focus on the technical side of the project, leaving it to the consultant to identify business needs and adapt processes to your company’s reality.

Consultancy services

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • System architecture
  • Development team management
  • DevOps
  • IT Security


Our team is made of trained professionals with years of experience in business analysis and consultancy, having collaborated with dozens of companies from various industries and business areas.

  • Retail & Distribution
  • Finance
  • Online services
  • Online business platforms
  • Transportation
  • Customer care
  • Workflow management
  • Document management

5 – 15

Years of experience in consultancy on enterprise software development


Of collaboration projects with businesses from various industries